PREVIOUS NEWS AND UPDATES                                                          

2002.03.11 Added the day after (2nd Of January) to selection.
2002.03.03 New poem time to rise added.
2002.03.02 Black&white photos added of Passy cemetery.
2002.02.12 More black&white photos (section 2) added of Paris cemetery.
2002.02.13 Champs-Elysee added to art section.
2002.02.12 Several black&white photos added of Paris cemetery.
2002.02.12 Sites moved to a new provider.
2002.02.07 Added five new paintings.
2002.01.20 Removed login (site open for public).
2002.01.12 Opened shop page.
2002.01.02 Added "junk", "boris" & "smoker" to paintings
2001.12.26 Added "femme de la France", "bored" & "travel report" to selection
2001.10.27 Added "Bal de danse" to selection
2001.10.27 Added webcam and snapshot. online, when my pc is
2001.10.15 Added "House With The View..." to full tour and selection
2001.10.12 phrase of mine used on other website (more info)
2001.10.11 Added a new sketch (FEMALE ROUND)
2001.10.01 news and updates added