Broken tiles, paper stacks,
Hidden faces full of cracks.
People knowing better,
No reply to a letter.
Police setting no example,
Blinds constructing their temple.
Children out of hand,
Parents make no stand.
Free thinkers locked up,
Politics always fucked up.

Ties and suits,
Foreigner forgets his roots.
Youth high on Nike,
The next senseless strike.
Ask me money or cigarettes,
Bank needs us in debt.
Records all sound the same,
Your job as your name.
Noses up in the air,
A name like Marie-Claire.

Work for an impound,
Always love around.
Call me a fascist,
No more open racist.
Sell me unwanted stuff,
Sex never enough.
Phones ring everywhere,
Couples no longer a pair.
Public transport like garbage,
Another headache too much.

Look in bibles for salvation,
Unknown starts a conversation.
Taxes to pay,
Tupperware out of clay.
Girl with short coupe,
Newspaper's next scoop.
Pen without any ink,
Coat made out of mink.
Fake colored lenses,
Direction without senses.

Animal abuse,
Atom bomb but no fuse.
Go on holidays to the beach,
Nasty products like bleach.
Laughing after the boss,
Him not caring a toss.
Smoke where they need,
Day after I take speed.
Smells in the morning,
To die with a warning.

Make-up like a painting,
Have an appointment and waiting.
Bite your nails,
Kill beautiful whales.
Hospital green,
Soaps on my screen.
Those who never stop eating,
House with electric heating.
Use of force,
Have no remorse.

Average I.Q.,
A written I.O.U.
Morning newspaper,
Design a skyscraper.
To be working-class,
Eyes behind glass.
Workplace is far,
All drive the same car.
DNA manipulation,
Orgasm simulation.

She wears push-up,
Butts in a coffee cup.
Games like football,
Winter Summer Spring Fall
Beauty is suicide,
Have no place to hide.
The promise forever,
Words like maybe or never.
Little sniffing dog,
Useless pride of a cock.

Advertised nude,
Women playing prude.
Any French man,
Milk, in and out of the can.
Flirts, stands and thrills,
Bite nonstop your nails.
Old and colored hair,
Throne and it's heir.
Sound of a searching bee,
My love without me.

Family barbecue,
Walls with ocean view.
Ghetto layout,
Forget the way out.
Beauty surgery,
Child in nursery.
Drugs not allowed,
All are one of the crowd.
Too pretty to touch,
Russia, as such.

It won't happen again,
Imbecile KK Klan.
Pretend to have taste,
Exaggerated waste.
9 to 5 boredom,
Monday - Friday numb.
Ugly constructions all around,
Destination not yet found.
Lights without dim,
Water too dark to swim.

Families drooling into the park,
Known faces in the lonely dark.
Family to visit,
No more living myth.
I have to rush,
For any delayed bus.
Stupidity of a baseball cap,
Student takes another nap.
Absence of the morning shower,
Company man picks a flower.

Loss of culture,
This way future.
Health has a price,
Hypocrits make compromise.
After-sales service,
Tree for Christmas.
Role models,
Invented troubles.
Heaven and it's Hell,
Life in general.

P.issed  O.ff  P.erson