Krist Novoselic (bassplayer for Nirvana)
Thanks for the Tip. I changed my site slightly.
Great photo's on your site. I recognized Seattle.

Charles R Cross (The Rocket editor and author of Heavier Than Heaven)
Nice photographs....
I've actually finally got a site together but not up on
the web yet....
Once I get it going perhaps I can run a link to yours...
Cheers, Charley

Jermaine Rogers (renowned artist)
Very cool, Joris.
I like your artwork...especially Rasputin.
When Im in Paris again, Ill hook up with you.

Ouragan (singer/guitarist from Sidharta)
it's interesting, coz as I said before; you really are
like a witness when I read your poems and look at your
photos. I just feel like a passenger who is walking
throughout countries or dreams, taking a lookat everything,
listening to people, etc   that's specific of your work

Anders Leirvik (owner Nirvana site)
With its photographs from hell (or should I say the
cemetery), easy skethces to full color paintings, and
poetry only done worse by Robert McKuen (or whatever), gives a deep insight in a man's,
clearly from the other side, dark tragedy. Not bad by
this starving artist. Don't forget to check out his
other work Sorry for being
sarcastic, I did it, but it wasn't me.

John Riedell
We have a framed Joris Baas original on our bedroom wall.
It is beautiful!