NEWS AND UPDATES                                                          

2008.01.18 Site back online (multiple requests despite lack of updates).
2007.09.11 Provider canceled site without warning.
2004.10.02 General updates & restructering.
2003.04.10 Brand new text mother's requiem added.
2003.02.13 not my room added to selection.
2002.12.18 Openings page has been changed.
2002.12.11 Dolly live photo's added to b/w section.
2002.09.19 Photo's added to art section.
2002.09.18 New poem, letters in demise, added.
2002.09.11 Section reviews updated.
2002.08.20 More black&white photos added of Passy cemetery.
2002.08.19 Completely new section, reviews added.
2002.08.09 Ink on wooden board JC added.
2002.07.23 Added B&W photos from Nice and Cannes.
2002.06.10 Changed opening page image and added Nostalgia to selection.
2002.06.06 Mayday in studio added to B/W photos.

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